Shaun The Sheep - 2011 HD

By: AatefVEVO


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- Google Chrome - 2011 HD
Shaun the Sheep [1080P] Part 1
An HTML5 Video Experiment
Watch Shaun and his friends' antics in clips from "An Ill Wind", "Snowed In", "The Big Chase", and "Twos Company" through an interactive experiment created with hardware-accelerated HTML5 video, 3D CSS Transforms, and WebM. Use the controls to expand and shrink the video, rotate the scene, bring up a rotating carousel of videos, turn on puddle reflection, and navigate between videos in a snap.

HTML5 and CSS make these advanced functionalities (and more!) a part of the modern web standard, and allow developers and artists to create immersive, imaginative experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Windows Vista/Mac OS X 10.6 or above, Google Chrome
Hardware-accelerated HTML5 video and 3D CSS, WebM

كرتون الغنم بدون موسيقى
mbc3 الحلقة 1 شون ذا شيب بالعربي حلقات كامله الجديد الجزء الثاني

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