NBA 2K12 My Player - Speed Trick & Avoid Corrupted Save File

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The trick to easily upgrade your speed in My Player still works. I also show you how to avoid restarting yo...
The trick to easily upgrade your speed in My Player still works. I also show you how to avoid restarting your my player career because of a corrupted save file. ------------------------------------------------ Speed Tutorial 1 - Turn off auto save. Go to settings, game mode settings, scroll down to autosave and make sure it says off. 2 - Manually save your my player to apply these changes 3 - Do the dribble course drill. To get by the defenders on laps 2 and 3 use the half spin move once you reach the 3 pt line. To do the half spin move, double tap the turbo/sprint button (Right Trigger on 360, R2 on PS3). Make sure to start sprinting toward the defender after the 3rd cone then quickly let go of sprint and double tap it at the 3point line for the half spin move. 4 - If you don't get a +1 in speed, don't save your my player. Just back out of my player and reload it to try the drill again. 5 - When you do get a +1 in speed, manually save your my player file. If you have any drills left, then repeat this process for the remaining drills. Every so many days you will be given another drill to use. Instead of using skill points to upgrade your speed you can use the drills to do that. It's much cheaper that way. ------------------------------------------------ Avoid Corrupted Save File Tutorial Don't let my player glitches and power outages make you restart your entire career this year. 1 - Create 3 separate saves for your my player season. 2 - For the 1st 5 games of the season, manually save to the 1st file you created. For the next 5 games, save to the 2nd file you created. The next 5 games after that, save to the 3rd save file you created. 3 - Keep alternating your saves every 5 games with the 3 files you created. If one save ever gets corrupted for any reason, then you can simply go back to an older save file which should only be 5 games back. This is much better than having to start your entire career over. 4 - If you really want to be secure, then every 15 games or so save, backup all save files to a memory card. This year, 2K gave us the tools to play multiple seasons. The goal is to get into the hall of fame. Each year some kind of glitch has made hundreds of people start all over again. You avoid all of that by following this tutorial.