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Ordering There are no waiters or waitresses at sushi-ya So how do you order? Customers order the things they like direct from the chef The main menu items are the same in any sushi-ya Most typically you will find "ohtoro," "chuutoro," and "toro" This indicates the quality of the tuna Ohtoro uses the highest grade fish, rich in fat and very delicious The rice known as "shari" is the finest quality "koshihikari" brand On the other hand toro is a junk food for low income earners The fish is recycled and instead of rice, barley or minced pasta is used

Beer is a popular drink item
The cap is removed for you but you must pour yourself
With two people or more pouring for each other is the Japanese way
In the case of business colleagues the lower ranking staff must pour for their superiors first
"Maa maa maa maa" You must say this when pouring a drink
The person receiving the drink must say "Oh toh toh toh"
"Maa maa maa maa"
"Oh toh toh toh"
"Maa maa maa maa"
"Oh toh toh toh"
"Maa maa maa maa"
"Oh toh toh toh"
In the case of couples, the lady must pour for the man and then pour for herself
This is the Samurai way

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