Tribute to Michael Jackson - Thank You for Your Message to Humanity

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Firstly I will delete any negative comments from this tribute. The world has had enough of negativity. If...
Firstly I will delete any negative comments from this tribute. The world has had enough of negativity. If you have nothing nice to say, dont bother saying anything at all. Youtube admin - No copyright intended this is purely a video tribute to Micheal Jackson with an explanation of the message he intended for humanity. Michael was a truly great man with a divine talent, he had an important message for humanity, This tribute incorporates, heal the world, earth song with an interpretation of the message he had for us all. The earth song video depicts mankind's consciousness and our connection to the earth, which is living entity, our earth has a moulton iron crystal at the centre which resonates (a heartbeat). Our negative thoughts are effecting the earths planetary grid. Science now confirms that the main cause of sickness is stress. Mankind's separation from nature (lack of respect) has caused an imbalance in nature. The heartbeat of the earth is speeding up as we approach 2012. The power spoken of is the "Law of Attraction". Through our thoughts we are able to manifest events in our reality. If you think the same thought over and over, if you believe that thought is real it will become part of your reality. A TV programme broadcasts on alpha waves (the same as our sub-conciious), we are programmed as to what to think. We think these thoughts and opinions are ours but in many cases they are somethign we have seen or heard about on the TV. Programme = to control. Our world is beautiful, we have had scarecity imposed upon us by the monetary system which is rapidly failing. As we move towards zero point 2012 mankind will undergo an evolution of consciousness as we enter a new Golden Age. On 6th July there is a full moon known as the grace light (guru) when some powerful energies of love will bath the earth. Many people who are trying to hold onto a materilistic way of thinking and believing will be pulled in many different directions, creating depression, anger, fear. Do not fight this feeling, align with the voice that is coming from our divine oneness. That voice that speaks in your heart. The time for the prejudices, judgement of others is coming to an end. Our prejudices and judgments are a reflection of what we fear inside, we project them onto other people so we do not have to face them or own them as our own fear. The Mayan calender tells that this is the time of "Ethics" meaning that truths that were once hidden are going to become knowledge for all to see. The Corporations (monetary men) men in control, will be exposed, the manipulation, greed and corruption will be made public knowledge (look at the MPs expenses row in UK parliament). There will be no hiding place for those who attempt to hide behind deceptions, including the self-depection we often attempt on ourselves. We consist of three parts to the self, the voices in your head, ego (devil), you (self), angel (higher self/soul). These three are being pulled into direct alignment, along with your strands of DNA, this evolution is taking place on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Michael's divine spirit is eternal I believe he incarnated on this planet to help raise mankinds consciousness. He was constantly under attack throughout his life because he refused to conform he wasnt afraid to be who he was. He was a true Indigo warrior. I wonder what message he intended to give in his final concert tours. The world has lost an amazing talent.