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[ Now on iTunes! Please support by buying the album: ***********/us/album/lonely-asylum-the-de...
[ Now on iTunes! Please support by buying the album: ***********/us/album/lonely-asylum-the-demo-collection/id348848188 ] IF IT'S OVER (original demo) By: Kristine Sa If it's over then tell me And I'll try to let go Look into my eyes And prove to me that they won't show All the years we spent together Hand in hand all night If you say it, I promise I'll try I'll try to let you move on with your life If it's over then say it And I'll turn away With my back to you, You won't have to see my pray For the strength to stand up From this pair of bleeding knees You should know... I just want you to be happy And if you miss the words we used to say If you ever want my heart again I'll be standing here But until then I'll let go, move on Dare to be strong 'Cause it seems You can see me hanging on Oh, I still hope too high I dream too much I hold too tight Onto us Even though I know Exactly what I must... do If there really is no chance For you and I Just tell me and I'll let go of you Tonight. The MP3 of this song is not yet available but you can buy the video of right here on youtube for $.99. Thanks in advance. [This is a demo of an original song. It was never meant to be released officially. Special thanks to Gen Shimanuki on guitar. P.S. Yes, it is the sister song to "Goodnight, Love." for all of you that have "Hopeless Romantic". If you're interested in the history of these two songs, read further: *******kristinesa.xanga****/705119439/goodnight-love-vs-if-its-over/ . Thank you for your continual support.]