Pimp My Minecraft - Yogcave Special

By: BlueXephos


Uploaded on May 26, 2012 by BlueXephos Powered by YouTube

Simon and Lewis return home to the Yogcave only to find it's been pimped out with some awesome shizzle. Holy crappington! Thanks to everyone who was involved - check them out below!

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=== Check out the team behind the build! ===
• Block Fortress - http://bit.ly/I7nCqO
• _Toby_ - http://bit.ly/HgYZYv
• Alex of Gazamo - http://bit.ly/LELE0I
• Redstone by GenerikB - http://bit.ly/J82hz9

=== Music By ===
• TopMass - http://bit.ly/yGibMT

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