Trailler The Presence of Anita

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Trailler da minissérie Presença de Anita em Inglês para TV globo internacional. The Presence of Anita is a ...
Trailler da minissérie Presença de Anita em Inglês para TV globo internacional. The Presence of Anita is a new miniseries inspired by the book of the same name, written by Mario Donato, which tells a story of love and passion, strung together by an important component the imponderable. It is a plot in which fate deals the cards, not the hand that deals them. This is a strong story, told in vivid colors. It speaks of the heart - its truths as well as its lies - shows the traps that destiny can prepare in the lives of people who still seek happiness and illustrates how a family can come apart because of a teenage girl. The plot begins with Lucia Helena and Fernando, a couple in their forties living a marital crisis. He is an architect with literary aspirations, but still trying to complete his first book. She is a loving wife whose greatest worry is to rescue her husbands love and save their relationship. They live in São Paulo, in the midst of the bustling urban chaos modern cities have become. Seeking to get away from this routine, Lucia Helena decides to invest on a trip with the whole family, which includes her son, Luiz and her stepdaughter Lucia. Her plan is a vacation in Florence, her native town, a peaceful village in the interior of the state. There, she meets up with her father, Venancio - the ex-mayor, a spiteful man, the symbol of a decadent, 400-year-old family - and her elder sister Marta - a widow who takes care of the house and the employees. To complete the family reunion, her younger sister Julieta, and her husband Heitor, also show up. They have gathered to spend Christmas and New Years together. Thus, the author presents us with a panel of the lives of these three sisters, three women in different stages of their lives. The eldest, Marta, no longer has any hope for a stable sentimental life. She is a woman tormented with prejudice, which is in fact all but a mask for her secret desires, especially with regard to the Negro servants. One of them is Andre, a newcomer brought to work on the farm by Neusa, one of the maids. Andre and Neusa have a secret romance, but Marta takes an interest for the youngster and does all she can to separate them. Juliana, the youngest of the three sisters, has a stable love life. She is the most modern of the sisters, but fears a destiny similar to theirs, especially when she thinks of Lucia Helena. In her attempts to save her marriage, Lucia Helena tries a bit of everything. She works hard to please her husband, accepts his neuroses, encourages his literary project and participates in his fantasies. What she cannot take control of, however, is the reasoning of his heart. When Nando meets Anita, Lucia Helena and the rest of the family will come apart. Like the pins in a bowling game, they will suffer a strike. But how does this happen? Only destiny can be blamed. Why does Nando enter Anitas house in the first chapter? Why does he look up and see that pretty girl? Why does his car skid off the road when they decide to return to São Paulo? Everything between these two seems to be the work of fate. The presence of Anita in Nandos life is as overwhelming as the destruction it causes to the lives of Lucia, her sisters and even Zezinho, a 16-year-old youngster who works at the local grocery store and is yet to discover the pleasures of adulthood. Is Anita the representation of all the threats the characters suffer upon rethinking their lives? Is she the unexpected and the desired at the same time? In another chapter of his text, Manoel Carlos calls her sensuous, lascivious, dissolute, and lustful. Anita appears in the story all of a sudden, when she moves into the second floor of a house where a crime of passion was once committed. In her past, she mentions a relationship with Armando, a painter who lived with her when she was just 12 years old. An interesting character, Anitas mood changes with the same simplicity she changes clothes. She can go from love to hatred in the blink of an eye surprising everyone but herself. In short, shes the kind of girl that gets noticed. The more they story evolves and the characters mingle, the more they will reveal their true feelings. Marta wants to deliver herself to the servant she says she loathes. Nando risks everything when seduced by Anita. Zezinho, in his innocence, sees but one way out for the passion he feels for the beautiful teenager. Julieta realizes that happiness can be apparent, even when a person lives in a web of lies. What about Lucia Helena? Obviously, fate holds the greatest twist for her. The trip has certainly not had the ending she desired. She just cant pinpoint if this is good or bad. What everyone does know is that the Venancio familys Christmases will never be the same, for nobody will escape untouched by the presence of Anita.