SimCity 4 Greatest Region

By: Vigormaster


Uploaded on February 27, 2009 by Vigormaster Powered by YouTube

Please watch "SimCity 4 Greatest Region III" or "SimCity 4 Greatest Region II" for an updated version of this region.

The entire region was built from one flat plain, and includes all custom geography and a custom bitmap. The size of the bitmap is 28x28 and my central city is a large 4x4 tile. I use the latest update for the game and a few plugins which I will list.

Yacht Club
AirForce Base
Fast Food Restaurant Pack
Large Elementary School

No Oneway Road Arrows
Bridge Height

you don't deserve it

Everything else is completely standard and original to Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition. No demand mods, transportation mods, or skyscrapers plugins were used. All highway and other infrastructure was built using no mods including all my tunnel work. Most of my infrastructure was built prior to development. To subsidize the cost, I used the "weaknesspays" cheat, but the city's budget is positive. If you want to see how to build the tunnels and underground highways, watch "SimCity 4 Sunken Highway Tunnel Tutorial" on the SimCityEnthusiast channel.

Music: Leaving Planet Earth´╗┐ (Gux 2006 re-edit)

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