Bones "Our Family" AU [18+]

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Bones fan video slideshow set to the song, "Then" By Brad Paisley. Booth and Brennan begin as partners when they find out theres more to them than just a partnership they begin dating and quickly fall in love. Soon, Brennan becomes pregnant and Booth couldn't be more thrilled. She gives birth to their daughter, Alexis Jade Booth. This is the story of their love and live through Booth's eyes, looking back on what he had with Brennan and Alexis.

Disclaimer: The baby photo's were found through google, they are not mine or my child. Yes, the photos at the end are of Miley Cyrus, but thats only because she looks a lot like Emily. And I know that photo after the sex is not of David, but it is Emily and it worked. :D

I want to thank from the bottom of my very tiny heart, Ashley C. for helping me find these photo's and for being a the bestest friend ever!

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