True Love's Kiss (Classic Disney Princess Tribute)

By: Poody


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"True Love's Kiss" from Disney's new film ENCHANTED! In theaters Nov. 21..... Featuring Snow White, Aurora, and Cinderella.


Ok... Wow, I NEVER thought this video would become so popular. Especially since it was the first "music video" I had ever made. Thanks so much to everyone who's viewed and enjoyed it.

Now let me answer a few questions that have been asked millions of times in the comments.

"WHAT'S THE SCENE FROM WHERE AURORA AND PHILIP ARE ABOUT TO KISS? THAT'S NOT IN SLEEPYING BEAUTY!!!!" - Well dears, that's from a new Disney Princess DVD series called "Enchanted Tales." It's from the first volume which features Aurora and Jasmine. It's pretty good, so go check it out.

"WHERE ARE ARIEL, BELLE, AND JASMINE??? THEY'RE PRINCESS TOO!!!" - ok well, I wasn't about to cram it all 6 princesses in a 3 minute song. That's why it says the "classic" princesses. I do plan on making a music video of the same song but with the "90s Princesses." I'm just wait for a friend to return my Mermaid DVD, ha! I will also make one for "That's How You Know" when I have time.

Thanks! :)

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