Ke$ha Diss - Blah Blah Blah/Tik Tok Parody by Mars

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Published 27 May 2010
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Ke$ha Diss - Blah Blah Blah/Tik Tok Parody by Mars

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Ke$ha Diss - Blah Blah Blah/Tik Tok Parody by Mars

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Ke$ha Diss/Parody Lyrics

Alright where we at?
What is this? Is this Ke$ha? 
That's like taking candy from a baby

I typed Kesha into wikipedia
cause I couldn't believe the media's hype
and I was right
Some type of fatal attraction
call it trash at first sight
not to bash where the credit's due
but there ain't no credit due
this is an example of a really tight beat
and the money hungry sharks that don't mind continuously
poisoning the industry - cause they're all about the cash flow
they ain't used to people like me being able to rap though
Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha I think your music is ga-a-a-ar-bage..ahhh haha
Man I was watching MTV I saw this and I was like,
"Where's Soulja Boy when you need him?
That girl deserves to be allllll the wayyyy turned DOWN!"
Look at the way the game do
I'm open for your opinion too 
but through my eyes it seems the truth is mainstream change is overdue
moving to my point then
it's not a win or a lose to me
but more about the journey
more about the gurney
Open heart surgery - "Calling Dr. Mars"
It's out of love that I spit
b/c I love hip hop but I'm not a fan of the music that's been recently dropped
but they can't stop me on the Internet
cause lately I've been getting these hardcore fans
who been telling me they're telling me to all they're friends
and understand that it ain't me
but more the thousands of people realizing the radio's weak
and the record labels eat from their lies and deceit
that why I'm I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T
and when the music industry can't help but notice me they'll see us
and we ain't got time for their foolishness 
Give me one reason we should sip on poison
Me, I keep my head down, hands up, poised and
Ready for whatever, whenever you wanna go
It takes heart if you dream of being set apart
but it shows
flowing is the easy part
call this an ode to the lonely road
cause they hate when I love
I distaste when they lust
this is real hip hop
the sound of underground to half these mainstream clowns
For me, I never pretended to be
anything but the truth that I see
Especially in the booth on the beat
Let it be known, I'm here to feed on
anything below these new standards that I'm setting
and for some of you it might be a little bit upsetting
I'm forgiving
three years deep and my flow is finally getting
to the point where I point and my words go
I know we've got a long way to go
but responsibility comes with music
and I HATE those who abuse it.
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