Star Trek Voyager Seven OF Nine

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This video Belongs to paramount pictures *******www.paramount****/ Comments disabled to youtube have sort...
This video Belongs to paramount pictures *******www.paramount****/ Comments disabled to youtube have sorted out the spam problem. Star Trek Voyager Jeri Ryan Seven OF Nine Season 4 Interview Please take a look at my forum where you can talk about Computers , Games , Radio , TV Shows and Star Trek and also other stuff. Here is the link to it. *******www.hostingphpbb****/forum/generalchat.html Thanks Seven of Nine (born Annika Hansen) is a fictional character on Star Trek: Voyager, portrayed by actress Jeri Ryan. Born human, she was assimilated by the Borg at the age of six. Eighteen years later, Voyager leaves Borg space with Seven on board, after attempts to negotiate passage through Borg space prove only semi-successful. After The Doctor has removed the majority of her cybernetic implants, her human organs begin to reassert themselves, but Seven still requires a cortical node to control the remainder of her cybernetic implants. Although her link to the Collective has been severed, Seven of Nine still maintains the ability to sense nearby Borg activity. After being cast, actress Jeri Ryan acknowledged that she had hardly seen Star Trek, and had no idea what a Borg was. To prepare her, the producers gave her a copy of the First Contact Star Trek movie and a Star Trek encyclopedia.[1] Seven of Nine made her debut in the Scorpion episode (part 2) (September 3, 1997) where she was introduced as a representative of the Borg in its alliance with the Voyager crew against the threatening Species 8472. After the resolution of the alien threat, she attempted contact with the Borg collective and also tried to assimilate the crew. During this process, she was severed from the collective and forced to adapt to being an individual. In the following years, the Voyager writers wrote several plot lines revolving around Seven's exploration of the positive and negative sides of human individuality. The cyborg nature of the character is seen as representing a challenge to "simple conceptions of connections/disconnections between bodies" [2] Ryan maintained that the main topic about Seven was "humanity" and stated that her character was pivotal to the success of the show, because she "brought conflict to the show, which was sadly lacking. ... The Voyager crew was just one big happy family." Maintaining Star Trek tradition, Seven of Nine was an outsider who could comment on humanity and all of its follies as well as serve as a foil for Janeways character."[3] She also remarked that "combining non-human qualities with an attractive human appearance," as in Seven's character, was a great move by the producers.[4] In terms of portrayal, she said that "keeping a straight face" while showing suppressed emotion was an enjoyable challenge. [5] Regarding her infamous form-fitting silver costume, Ryan commented that it was extremely impractical and uncomfortable, but worth the reward of portraying a character like Seven.[6] During the course of the series, Ryan portrayed Seven as a logical, matter-of-fact, extremely blunt young woman with difficulties expressing human emotion. Seven sometimes behaved condescendingly towards "human weaknesses" and "human inefficiency", but slowly grew loyal to the crew she later called her "collective." A recurring theme writers established was flashbacks of her life before her assimilation. By the end of the series (2001), Seven develops social skills and engages in a romantic relationship with Chakotay. According to the story line, Annika Hansen was born in Tendara Colony June 2350, to Magnus and Erin Hansen, two exobiologists. In 2355, her parents took her on a research mission to study the mysterious race called the Borg. Seven's parents took their ship, the USS Raven, to great lengths to track the Borg until they finally found a Borg vessel and followed it through a transwarp corridor that took them to the other side of the galaxy in the Delta Quadrant. There, they began extensively studying the Borg for two years undetected because of the Hansens' invention, multi-adaptive shielding, a type of stealth technology. Eventually the USS Raven was temporarily damaged and was detected (VOY: Dark Frontier) by the Borg. The Hansens were eventually caught and assimilated on their own ship, the Raven; Annika was 6 years old by then. During those brief years the Hansens spent studying the Borg, they found extensive information on Borg technology. The Hansens studied Borg culture and learned the different Borg designations, as well as the functions of a Borg drone. One important invention was the bio-dampeners they used to transport on board the cube without being detected. This technology was eventually adapted by Voyager's crew during the events of Dark Frontier when Captain Janeway tried to steal a Borg transwarp coil.