Raw Workout Gear Clothing Winner MMA Fighter Champion Boxing

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Jill and Lisa exercise work out at Village Fitness Center in Longwood, FL. The top fitness models in the industry.

Beautiful women fighting over Dr. Love.

Gorgeous ladies box each other to prove their toughness.

Our models have so much charisma and beauty that the cameraman's legs became wobbly during all the close-up shots.

Highly talented women - Orlando's most beautiful models Farah, Martina, Jackie, Lisa, Nadia, Nikki and Jill get ready for a fun evening of filming and working out in one of Orlando's best health and fitness clubs.

Film producers and directors Dr. Love and Harry-O shoot Orlando's most beautiful women.

Top female athletes and models train with Dr. Love and Harry-O at the Longwood Village
Fitness Center.

At Village Fitness Center, you can find the best personal trainers and bodybuilders in the world.

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These are the raw clips from the video shoot.

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