Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission Ending

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Click 'more' for translation.The ending to Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission, an additional part of FFX-2 that...
Click 'more' for translation.The ending to Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission, an additional part of FFX-2 that was released exclusively in Japan. This isn't available in English anywhere, but here's a translation courtsey of Marcelo X at Gamefaqs****(Rikku: Why did I feel that we had lost what we had?)(Yuna: How could I have thought that reuniting was a bad idea?)(Rikku: But I guess people can't help but have silly thoughts sometimes, huh?)(Paine: Well, it wouldn't be quite natural if we didn't. Nothing can change peoples' ways.)(Yuna: The times we spent together weren't wrong.)(Paine: After all, nothing could destroy our bond.)Rikku: Going in, then? Rikku: Hey! What do you think we'll see? Yuna: Are you still worried? Paine: So what do you want to do? Turn back? Rikku: Not a chance! Yuna: Well, then...... Yuna: Yu Rikku: Ri Paine: Pa YuRiPa: Let's go! Rikku: Let's have a look-see...... Rikku: Guess it's busted, huh? Paine: Even this has an expiration date. Yuna: So what we have here is a... YuRiPa: Dud? Yuna: Are you upset because it's broken? Rikku: I'll say! Darn it! Rikku: We went through all the trouble of climbing this big, tall tower, with fiends all chasing us around in circles! Rikku: During all that fighting, I was thinking about who wrote that letter! What'd all that stupid junk in it mean? Rikku: Dr. P! Rikku: Did you know that there would be nothing to see once we got up here? Paine: Hmmm? What? Can't you see it? Yuna: What? Paine: I can see it clearly. Paine: See it? Rikku: I can only Yuna: Broken parts? (Yuna: Now, it feels like we haven't been apart at all. Looking at this, I remember how it was to feel broken.)(Rikku: Those times that I walked alone are gone. I know now that all those lonely places I went to were only lonely because I was by myself.)(Paine: But why didn't I know it then?)(Paine: Next time we're together, we won't just part. We won't meet by chance and lose each other again...)(Rikku: I remember through all the battles in the past, the three of us sill laughed together and held on tight, didn't we?)(Paine: Whenever it comes, whatever the future holds for each one of us, we can always go back to these days and look back fondly.)(Paine: Even if we are far apart, we can dream of this one moment in time we spent together.)(Yuna: Yes, surely, we'll have this for always.)[Someday, somewhere in the sky... may we meet again]