Jay Baruchel on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

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Jay was born in Ottawa and was raised by his mother in Montreal. As a kid, Jay loved scary movies, so much so that he told his mom he wanted to be the next Stephen King. Being a good mom she signed up Jay for acting classes. His first gig was on a popular teen series 'Are You Afraid of the Dark.' That led to a starring role on the YTV show 'My Hometown.' After that, it was 'Popular Mechanics for Kids' with another Canadian - Elisha Cuthbert. Then, the serious acting began. Jay landed the role of an obsessed Led Zeppelin fan in the film 'Almost Famous.' By then, Jay says he was pretty much done with acting, and was headed to film school, until he landed a role on Judd Apatow's latest TV series at the time - 'Undeclared.' Though the series on Fox was short lived, the impression Jay made on the industry wasn't. Movie roles poured in - 'Rules of Attraction', 'Million Dollar Baby', 'Knocked Up', 'Just Buried' and this past summer, 'Tropic Thunder.' These days, Jay spends his time between Montreal and L.A. His latest project is the movie 'Real Time', a comedic drama about a compulsive gambler given one hour to live by the man hired to kill him.

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