Air Bending, Acoustic Levitation, Tractor Beam [18+]

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Experiment before you comment: 1) Try to pick up the paper by blowing on it. 2) Attempt to vaccuum it up by sucking. 3) Use your voice by making the loud "OOOO" sound. 4) Notice that suction does not pick it up as far as your voice can. Why? 5) Try playing my video and holding your computer speaker up to the paper. What happens? A more scientific explanation: It's not sound but a secondary effect of sound (otherwise your computer speaker would lift things too). My mouth is acting like a Helmholtz resonator. The shape of the sound wave is such that the rise time is shorter than the fall time, like a standard "sawtooth wave" played backwards (well look at the waveform of this video using audacity) but it's not the sound wave that does the lifting. The shape of the resonator (in this case my mouth) acts to create a series of ring vortexes or solitons (smoke rings, except these ones are smokeless) like the coffee cannnon I made: . Ordinarily, speakers are designed to minimize this effect. Think about what would happen if you manufactured a set of speakers to maximize this. Well, for one, they wouldn't sound very good, and they would cause candles to blow out and things to fly off your shelves. There would inevitably be complaints, lawsuits and stuff.

Pseudoscience: For "the sky is the limit" (Tesla's words) lifting power, use electromagnetic instead of sound energy. It is not limited to the 14.7 lbs/sq. in. of the atmosphere. How? I don't know. Tesla hinted that it was by creating scalar (pressure, voltage) waves instead of the normal electromagnetic (radio) waves. Try replacing the toroid on your Tesla coil with a Helmholtz resonator and let me know how it goes. I hope you have insurance!


Air Bending 101: tractor beam. To do this with your voice you must be able to generate a very LOUD resonant noise, similar to a wolf howl or 'OOOOOO' sound. If it doesn't work, try higher frequencies and more power!

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