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Discover the joy of classical music together with your baby in Baby Einstein's Baby Mozart Discovery Kit. Listen to Mozart's popular works -- including "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" -- delightfully re-orchestrated for little ears. Look at real-life images and enchanting puppet shows that captivate your baby. Bring a symphony of sights and sounds into your home, and share new discoveries every day with Baby Mozart. The Baby Mozart Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents' Guide. For more information please visit:

• DVD invites little eyes and little ears to delight in the bright colors, real-world objects, silly puppet shows, and great music
• Picture Book perfect for little hands features familiar images from the DVD paired with real-world photos
• Music CD perfect for little ears plays musical highlights from the DVD for you and baby to enjoy anywhere and anytime
• Two "Mini-Shows"
• Baby's First Concert Hall (a music only experience)
• A Parent's Journey inside the Baby Mozart Discovery Kit
• English, French and Spanish Languages

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