Bunny Footage from "Tonight Let's All Make Love In London" [18+]

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From Peter Whitehead's documentary "Tonight Let's All Make Love In London" (1967) which sought to capture the various flavours of "Swinging London", including of course, the London Playboy Club and the world famous Bunnies.

Shown here are five of the first six London Bunnies at London Airport newly returning from their months of training at the Chicago Playboy Club. They helped train over 100 women to become Bunny Girls at the London Playboy Club, which opened on July 1st 1966.

The Bunnies are:

- Dolly Read (yellow costume)
- Doreen Allen (tall brunette, blue costume)
- Kathleen Bascombe (black costume)
- Joan Finlay (slightly shorter brunette, blue costume)
- Catherine MacDonald (red costume)

Maggie Adams was another of the original six, but is not seen here.

Dolly, who was also Miss May 1966, is seen posing for the press photographers. She is later filmed serving at the club in a blue costume. Dolly was one of the "Door Bunnies" on opening night.

She later went on to star in the camp cult hit "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" alongside another Playmate Bunny, Cynthia Myers, Miss December 1968.

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