Fucked Up - "Queen Of Hearts"

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The first video from "David Comes To Life", out now: http://bit.ly/kSTkVj

Directed by Scott Cudmore & Produced by Michael Leblanc - http://www.leblancandcudmore.com

Purchase "David Comes To Life" at iTunes: http://bit.ly/m9R63f
Purchase "David Comes To Life" at Amazon: http://bit.ly/lkMjm8
Purchase "David Comes To Life" at Rough Trade Shops (UK): http://bit.ly/jygWj4

Full credits:

Written & directed by Scott Cudmore
Produced & photographed by Michael Leblanc
Edited by Scott Cudmore and Michael Leblanc
Musical direction by Nobu Adilman
Sound recording/mixing by Ian McGettigan
Styled by Corrina Allen
Post FX by Finch Taylor
Steadicam by Michael Heathcote
Focus puller: Craig Morgan

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