Pushing Daisies Plastic Fetish Fans Video.m4v [18+]

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I made this video to show a glimpse of Ned and Chucks domestic lives. This video was produced as a Disclaimer for the Entertainment of the many Pushing Daisies Plastic Fetish or Breath Play Fans. Rated_(PG)_Parental_Guidance_is_Advised. Hope you enjoy. I produced this (youtube_video) as a needed (PG) teenager plastic fetish and in general breath play be careful, movie, tv & computer disclaimer. http://www.thewb.com/shows/pushing-daisies/dummy/8fdb81e80e I don't own the rights to Pushing Daisies, that's Warner Brothers and ABC. Music belongs to "Jason Mraz " I'm Yours [Original Demo]", sound recording administered by: WMG CLICK_HULU.COM_ URL FOR_MORE_PUSHING_DAISIES Solomon01sb Sci-Fi Plastic Fashion Tech. (_SOL1s_SCI_FI_VIDEO_GALLERY SAFETY_DISCLAIMER_) YOU CAN'T DO EVERYTHING THAT LOOKS FUN ON TV, AND IN THE MOVIES, ON YOUR COMPUTER OR IN VIDEO GAMES . /_BECAUSE IN REAL LIFE YOU CAN GET HURT, HURT SOMEONE ELSE, BE ARRESTED OR CAUSE DEATH BY ACCIDENT. (BE_CAREFUL) (Over_18_/_ADULT_21 SAFETY_DESECRATION_IS_ADVISED) .....&..... I've always put disclaimers on my adult sites & Call them (Sci_Fi). I do it for my protection. Laws in different countries and states are different & are subject to change with out notice. Yes in 2010 you can be arrested for what you watch on your computer depending on where you live & the Global Politics at the time. Big Brother isn't watching you, but when it's time to cash in your computer chips, your computer hard drive can be taken along with one's Freedom. My identity is based on my artistic talents not my sexuality because in the real world ones genitals will not hold up in court to protect them for being different.
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