Haste the Day-Substance

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Haste the Day-Substance

lyrics:We The People Hear The Words
That You Are Saying
The Darkness In Our Hearts Remains
We Can Only Live So Long Without The Truth
And The Message You Portray Leaves Me Empty [x2]

We Have The Will To Fight
We Just Dont Know What's Right
Our Hearts Are Crying Out
For Substance To Hold To
Can't You See That We Are Crying
While You're Screaming Our Hearts Are Dying
Shut Your Eyes Shut Your Eyes
Bliss From The Unknown, Hurt We Bear

I Want You To Know What I'm Going Through [x8]
We Have The Will To Fight
We Just Don't Know What's Right

Disclaimer: This song does not belong to me, it is copyright to the band Haste the Day and has nothing to do with me.

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