Man Vs Minecraft - [S3] Making Day 10 - Goblins! (Part 2) [18+]

By: paulsoaresjr


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This is Part 2 of my "Making Day 10 - Goblins" episode for Season 3 of Man vs Minecraft. It's a sort of "behind-the-scenes" look into the transition between the Nether and returning to the Stronghold after the goblin invasion! ====== Season 3 of Man vs Minecraft, a role-playing adventure! Where I must survive in the harshest environments of Minecraftia for 14 days on Hardcore mode and extra-challenging rule set, including: * Limited crafting! * Limited inventory space! * Limited carry capacity! * Limited building! * and more! Read the complete rules and synposis here: Mods used in Season 3: * Customizable Inventory: * Hot Air Balloon: * Goblins: Music credits: Ryan Johnson @ Jason Shaw @ Get Minecraft here: MY STUFF: WEB: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:
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