Crash Test 1999 - 2005 Volkswagen Jetta / Bora / Golf IIHS

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Test details:

The Volkswagen Jetta and Golf were redesigned during the 1999 model year (the old design continued into the early part of the 1999 model year). The Jetta continued in production through 2005 models manufactured until the end of October 2004 (note: information about when a specific vehicle was manufactured is on the certification label typically affixed to the car on or near the driver door). A redesigned 2005 Jetta was introduced in March 2005 as a midsize car. The Golf redesign will be delayed until late in the 2006 model year.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has evaluated the crashworthiness of a late 1999 model Jetta in a 40 mph frontal offset crash test into a deformable barrier. Note: Immediately after the test, there was a small fire at the base of the B-pillar. The pyrotechnic device in the belt tensioner had ignited sound insulation material. Soon after this incident, the manufacturer recalled all 1999 Jetta/Golf models to fix this problem, so it doesn't affect the crashworthiness evaluation.

Restraints/dummy kinematics — Dummy movement was well controlled. During rebound, the dummy's head hit the B-pillar.

Injury measures — Measures taken from the dummy indicate a low risk of any significant injuries in a crash of this severity. Head acceleration from the B-pillar hit was low.

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