THX Amazing Life (Dolby Digital 5.1 1080p) (HD Trailer)

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THX Amazing Life Dolby Digital 5.1 1080p Download "Amazing Life:" *******www.mediafire****/?xaw44x...
THX Amazing Life Dolby Digital 5.1 1080p Download "Amazing Life:" *******www.mediafire****/?xaw44xpmho4ihdm THX trailers have wowed movie going audiences for more than two decades and have become synonymous with great entertainment experiences. The storyline for Amazing Life provided a fun and entertaining way to demonstrate the power and performance of a THX Certified Cinema's surround sound and projection system, while getting audiences excited for the feature presentation. Amazing Life explores the lives of photo-realistic organisms growing from a metallic surface. As the story unfolds, the organisms grow to cover the surface of the metal, with each one communicating through their own unique sound. These sounds build upon each other, becoming more harmonious, and eventually culminate into the THX Deep Note crescendo. A final panning shot reveals the metallic surface to be the THX logo covered by these vibrant, living, musical creatures. The creative and visual effects were led by Eyestorm Productions. Eyestorm Productions is a Venice Beach creative production company founded by former Lucasfilm artists, Kyle Ruddick and Michael Klima. Eyestorm also worked with Ohio-based band Low in the Sky to develop sound elements for the musical score. THX turned to veteran composer, Marco d'Ambrosio, to perfect the more than 160 sound tracks featuring voices of "Speaker Flowers," "Helicopter Plants" and other unique organisms. The final mix was completed at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Sound under the direction of d'Ambrosio and award-winning re-recording mixer, Gary Rizzo.