My Body Progression

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Just a short clip of my progress over 9 weeks.
I had changed my diet, changed my exercise routine and stopped drinking! well kind of....

Breakfast starts at 6am, Yogurt and natural oats, Breakfast again at 8:30 cereal low fat milk, snack time at 10:30 with a muesli bar/protein bar or fresh fruit, lunch at 12:30 tuna salad or sea food salad i tried to sat off bread and to heavy carbs while i wanted to slim down. Afternoon snack, Fresh fruit or protein bar, any thing to tie me over until i train. 6:30 i train

Monday - chest & abs - cardio
Tuesday - back & Abs - cardio
Wednesday - legs
Thursday - arms & abs cardio
Saturday - Shoulders and cardio.

I change my routines to include chest & bi's , Back and Tri's legs shoulders ect but it all depends if i missed out on a session.

the this is with cardio you want to aim for fat burning only and not to burn muscle tissue. I usually use the cross trainer for 20-35 min depending on how im feeling, im not going to sprint for 20 -30 min but have it high enough i break a sweat.

after my work out ill have my protein and creatine then wait 20 min before i eat.
Dinner meal is chicken breast 250-300g and steam vegs.

Hope this makes sense!

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