Poe Picasso - I Need A Dollar (Remix) - How To Make It In America Episode

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Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Remix Feat. Poe Picasso) *******www.poepicasso**** Download here: *******us...
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Remix Feat. Poe Picasso) *******www.poepicasso**** Download here: *******usershare****/2gcf25icj3u3 Purchase original here: *******itunes****/aloeblacc (Verse I) Good morning but I'm angry when I wake up/uniform on clockin' in man this place sucks!/proliteriate lifestyle wanna abandon it, but I'm depending on it without it I can't pay the rent/looking at my stubs like "damn, where the money went?", 35% automatically to the government/garnishing my wages, the days I requested to take off got taken now I can't go to Vegas/stuck in this hell hole, can't wear my Jordan's or shell toes/company strictly enforced dress code/now I'm in the lobby uncomfortable shoes, forced to smile at the secretary not to be rude/and to make matters worse, a coworker quit, so I'm working double hours just to cover the shift/and I just came in, damn seven more hours/how to make it in America? make ya own dollars! (Verse II) Can I get a dollar my friend to get my dreams off the ground, I'll pay you back when I can/you see my city never sleeps, neither do I, out in Hells Kitchen looking for a piece of the pie/trying to flag down a cabbie but they passing me by/freelance, networking on the Lower East Side/had a dollar and a dream, a pocket full of lint, eight dimes, four nickels and an extra set of keys that my friend gave to me, she ain't want me on the street, when the marshals through me out, when I couldn't renew the lease, when I couldn't even eat, the only place I went was 2 Bros. pizzeria cuz the slices there were cheap/my dad worries bout me whenever we talk, he says you can't make a living out of Barney's NY/and if you want somebody to invest in you, you gotta show 'em what you did not what you're going to do, in America!