Baby Saying Bye Bye Dammit!

By: lovetbaby


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My lil' Kayla's video was featured on the new show called, "Seriously Funny Kids". Hosted by Heidi Klum. The premiere was on Feb 1st. Thanks to ALL of you for making this video a hit!!! Please comment below if you saw it on tv and let me know what you thought. :)

*** Thank you to All who have watched this video! I'm glad you've all enjoyed this video and I appreciate all the lovely/sweet comments you have posted. ***

Ahh, the joys of being a parent of a toddler who will repeat what you say as quickly as the first or second time they hear it. She heard me say "damn it" a couple of times and she decided to use it more during this session than she ever had. Gotta love kids!

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