Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

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Ketika Cinta Bertasbih is derived from a novel by Habibburahman El Sirazy. Ketika cinta Bertasbih is conten...
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih is derived from a novel by Habibburahman El Sirazy. Ketika cinta Bertasbih is content two serial book and they are popular in Indonesian book society. Until this time about one million novels have been sold out. This film focused to the live journey of Azzam (M Cholidi Asadil Alam). He is an Indonesian student of Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.After Azzam fathers passed away, his mother get down and sickness. In Indonesia Azzam sisters still young and they can not help their mother. Actually Azzam have to help his mother and his sisters, because he is the eldest brother in his family. Actually Azzam consider about it. He changes his focused to find some money than study. He gets some money by produce and selling Tempe and meat ball. Azzam more focused to his business. Than he fail in his study. Azzam study has been hold about nine years; some times he had failed in his examination. In other side his business makes him popular, especially in the Indonesian Embassy. He meet Eliana (Alice Norin) a modern-beautiful girls, a daughter of Indonesian Ambassador of Egypt. The live journey and love of Azzam is not easy, and they can make a soul scarification to the audiences. His journeys bring the audiences to more understand about the secret of God and also about love. Suddenly Anna (Oki Setiana) comes, she is a Moslem girls and she has attract Azzam. Anna and Azzam mystery love had been package in a different ways than the other drama-love story films. Azzam connection with his sister Husna (Meyda Sefira) and also with Furqan (Andi Arsyil) his Indonesian college friend had made this story more valuable. Since Furqan has an AIDS. All the setting in the novel had been captured in the original places in Cairo, Egypt; include Neil Rivers, Indonesian Embassy, and Al-Azhar University. You know all the places usually are forbidden on screen film production especially for foreign producers. Half of the Indonesian students of Al-Azhar University have been employed also in this film. Sinemart Pictures fall in love to make the film full version as per the novel. They take on action in the original location as been written in the novel. The audition processing to find actor and actress talents who have a similarity as the novel have been produce as a reality show. The director film is Chaerul Ummam; He is absent about eleven years from film production. Melly Goeslaw give her song to be the soundtrack film. Ok, we are waiting this film, suppose this film will be distribute to eight country as such Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Egypt, Australia, Honking, Singapore and Taiwan. They will make a launching film the same day in the eight countries above. Is this film will be an Indonesian Best seller Film in the world? Maybe.