Backlot Balcony Glitch - No Old-School

By: SubliminalSixtyFive


Uploaded on March 30, 2008 by SubliminalSixtyFive Powered by YouTube

Please don't post negative feedback because that will result in me making you look like an idiot. Intelligent constructive criticism is acceptable for negative feed back. This glitch has been found before but, it was using old school. In this video you are shown how to do it without old school.
The song used is Song 2 by Blur.

All credits are at the end of the movie.

Second YouTube video.

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Quality is amazing on my computer but terrible on YouTube so sorry about that, your going to have to live with this quality :/

Next video: Hardcore Search & Destroy on Ambush(fav map) and I get 14 kills(could have gotten more but was on the phone for one round and got team killed another) and 4 deaths.

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