1 BILLION Angry Birds Downloads!

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Uploaded on May 09, 2012 by RovioMobile Powered by YouTube

Angry Birds games have now been downloaded more than a billion times -- THANK YOU to all of our incredible fans! This is only the beginning of our story, keep your eyes peeled for what's coming up next from Rovio!

Want to help us get to 2 billion? We've made it easy for you:

Download Angry Birds Space: http://spaced.angrybirds.com/

Download Angry Birds for:
- iPhone http://bit.ly/r3KTGX
- Android http://bit.ly/H3gFfR
- iPad http://bit.ly/vQDdxM
- Nokia from http://nokia.angrybirds.com/
- Mac OSX http://bit.ly/rywg0K
- Windows PC http://bit.ly/H1APRu

Download Angry Birds Seasons for:
- iPhone http://bit.ly/ud5U2V
- Android http://bit.ly/AsWNDL
- iPad http://bit.ly/vnTCvB
- Nokia http://bit.ly/HobrF2
- Mac OSX http://bit.ly/uxXzXX
- Windows PC http://bit.ly/H39xvK

Download Angry Birds Rio for:
- iPhone http://bit.ly/vSR0oQ
- Android http://bit.ly/wG2dGY
- iPad http://bit.ly/rwd7MX
- Nokia http://bit.ly/H1n60R
- Mac OSX http://bit.ly/szrbsu
- Windows PC http://bit.ly/Hp43y1

Play Angry Birds on Facebook: http://facebook.angrybirds.com/

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