Madonna Huée à La Fin De Son Concert à L'Olympia 26/07.

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Madonna a été huée à la fin de son concert à l'Olympia le 26/07/12.
Madonna vaiada ao final do show no Olympia em Paris 26/07.

For those who are still asking: she was booed because she made a 45 minutes concert and almost nobody knew this was gonna be so short. At the moment of buying the ticket, we weren't informed that this was gonna be a "showcase".
She started her performance more than 1 hour late (what made us boo her even before the show!!!), and she left the scene too early (what made us boo her again!!).

The show was SPETACULAR, but not too long. Anyway, if I were advertised that this was gonna last only 45 minutes, I'd never have bought that ticket.

"Salope" means "bitch".
"Remboursez" means something like "give us our money back".

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