10 Lb Thermojet Valveless Pulse Jet Engine

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This is a 10 lb thermojet valveless pulsejet engine, all tig welded stainess steel. It is self starting, most pulsejets need to be provided with compressed or blown air in order to start the engine. This engine you can either light the propane with a torch or gril lighter, or a spark plug, and it will start right up.

The engine is a valveless pulsejet with no moving parts, and easily self starts on propane, just turn on the ignition and turn on the fuel....

A valveless pulsejet is a unique type of engine with no moving parts. Unlike ramjets, which must have air blown into them at high speed, either by a blower or by traveling very fast, pulsejets can run while completely still.

They can be throttled typically between 10% and 100% thrust in the blink of an eye, and dont require any spool up time like turbines or turbojets.

Because they have no moving parts, valveless pulse jets are much easier to own and operate than RC turbines. For the cost of a ducted fan setup, you could have your own real, high speed RC jet plane.

The truth is that by the time you add up turbojet planes engine weight, fuel and oil pump weight, the computerized control system, and any onboard starting systems, you not only have a small fortune invested in the plane, but its also quite heavy. Pulsejets can be made extremely light weight, and even valveless engines are capable of pumping their own liquid fuels by the venturi effect. All you then need is your standard reciever and servos and a small battery to power it, rather than a large battery to power a fuel pump.

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