It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010): Talking-to-dr-minerva

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Published 23 Jan 2014
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The clip talking-to-dr-minerva from It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010) with Viola Davis, Viola Davis. Powere...
The clip talking-to-dr-minerva from It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010) with Viola Davis, Viola Davis. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

So, Craig, how are you adjusting to 3 North?
Uh... Okay, l guess.
Dr. Mahmoud wrote that you were taking Zoloft,
but went off it three weeks ago. ls that right?
Do you see a therapist?
Dr. Yanof was the one who prescribed me the Zoloft.
l see her every, you know, month or so.
Why did you stop taking it?
l guess l thought l was better. Like l didn't need it.
Maybe that's because it was working.
Can you describe to me how you were feeling
before coming here this morning?
l guess, depressed.
Anxious, stressed.
Have you been feeling more stress than usual lately?
Any reason in particular?
Yeah. There's this Franklin Gates Summer Semester thing
that my dad...
Well, that l really want to get into.
But the application is due in a week
and l haven't even looked at it.
Why not?
Every time l think about it,
my brain starts this cycling thing about not getting in.
What would happen if you didn't get in?
Then l wouldn't be abIe to put it on my coIIege appIications.
Which means l wouldn't get into a good coIIege.
But not even Adam Smith could have foreseen
the inequities of modern capitalism.
If I didn't get into a good coIIege, I wouIdn't have a good job.
Diffusing the situation in Iran through uniIateraI dipIomacy
is my top priority as Commander in Chief.
Which means l wouldn't be able to afford a good IifestyIe.
Hey, MTV. lt's your boy, Craig Gilner.
Welcome to my crib.
So l wouldn't be able to find a girIfriend.
Which means l'd probabIy get depressed.
And I'd end up Iike Muqtada in a pIace Iike this for the rest of my Iife.
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