Muse H.D!! "Uprising" Playback Very Funny and Crazy on a Italian Tv & "Interview"!!! :D Matt Plays the Drums!! Dom (The Best!! H

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MUSE H.D!! "UPRISING" PLAYBACK VERY FUNNY AND CRAZY ON A ITALIAN TV & "INTERVIEW"!!! :D MATT PLAYS THE DRUMS!! DOM (THE BEST!! HA, HA, HA) PLAYS THE BASS AND SING!! AND CHRIS PLAY THE GUITAR AND KEYBOARDS!! "QUELLI CHE IL CALCIO PROGRAM" (20.09.2009)!!! INTERVIEW TRANSLATION Q: So your new album (the resistance) it's been completely recorded between milan and the lake of como... you love our country, why you love italy?? A: It's a beautiful country, we love to be here.. and our drummer Matt lives in como, so we built a studio in italy, we had a lot of fun.... you can have a lot of creativity! Q: I know that one of you has an italian girlfriend, a psychologist... right? A: Yeah, our drummer.. Q: what is better? clooney's house or the drumme's house?? A: I think George's is better... it is huge.... Q: I had read that you love simphonic music, you have a 40 pieces orchestra here in Milan, why this mix between rock music and orchestral music? A: the band had a kind of influence by the piano and artists such as chopin and rachmaninov so we tried tho take an orchestra to do something different from the past... it's been amazing Q: you talk a lot about apocalypse and real problems, your album came out on 9/11... don't think is a coincidence A. oh no it's just a coincidence.. someone thinks about a conspiracy but we are in a different time, the world is different and there was no messages with the album release. Thanks to himynameismartino for the script. XAVI S.H *******www.xavi-sh****/