Southern Isolation - Southern Man I Am

By: LambOfLucifer


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Bonus 5th track on the re-release of the acoustic Southern Isolation EP from 2001. The band is Stephanie Opal Weinstein (Philip Anselmo's Ex wife GUITARS VOCALS), Philip Anselmo (Down/ Pantera/ Superjoint Ritual etc GUITARS VOCALS), Ross Karpelman (Christ Inversion KEYBOARDS), Sid Montz (Valume Nob DRUMS), and Kevin Bond (Superjoint Ritual). Released in 2001 on Housecore Records. Since Phil and Stepanie's divorce the band has disbanded. Also Rebecca Colclough is credited for additional vocals, she is Phils sister. Stephanie has since said that there are many versions of this song and that it was even considered for the Down II record. Also she says that there are around 40 more tracks yet to be released. She wrote this track on her porch and Philip loved it so much he insisted on singing on it.

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