Blink 182 (Tribute) - Anthem Part Two

By: jeffotje


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A music video I put together for this song. It's some kind of a tribute to blink-182 :)
All their music video's and some live ones too, were used in creating this.
The song's called Anthem Part Two and is, as you all know, performed by blink-182!

Comments are welcome :)

02/09/2009: As of today (probably yesterday, but hey, I've heard it today) blink-182 has reunited at last and they're making a new album! God, I'm so excited!

Oh, and thanks a lot for so many views and your great comments!
Wow, never imagined this would get more than 500.000 views. Again, thanks a lot everyone!

Oh, and also thanks for marking those spam messages! You guys are awesome!

Rock on!

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