Metallica "One" (Acoustic, Cover, Solo, HD)

By: RomanceExplosionLive


Uploaded on January 13, 2009 by RomanceExplosionLive Powered by YouTube

Here's Metallica "One" on Acoustic with the solos (all except Kirk's epic tapping one b/c that's insane on an electric and far beyond my abilities on a beat-up acoustic guitar. This song seemed to get really popular (as in mainstream popular, not just Metallica popular) after it was featured on Guitar Hero 3.

You'll notice that I take some shortcuts on the end part (after the "Darkness" lyrics are finished), that's because I like the way it sounds playing quarter notes instead of triplets on the acoustic. I'm also dragging my ass on the dueling guitar part...that's because I'm not that fast. :-D

Sorry if the sync seems off. My shitty camera likes to drop frames left and right...I did my best to get it lined up.


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