Out of Body Experience Techniques Part 1

By: WindOfTheSoul


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http://windofthesoul.com This is Part 1 (of 3) in the ninth Wind of the Soul Podcast installment. All three parts combined feature a narration of the blog post, Techniques for Achieving an OBE http://windofthesoul.com/blog/techniques-for-achieving-an-obe

This narration includes:
- Easy to follow tips for learning basic meditation
- A discussion on the "still point" and why it's the most advantageous state for achieving astral projection
- Methods for finding the still point in meditation and how this aids us in projecting at bedtime (the most beneficial time to practice out of body experiences)
- The importance of utilizing visualization techniques to create the feeling of motion
- A discussion on sensations and symptoms, which indicate a projection may be imminent

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