Fire and Ice Helloween Sync Pt4 of 8

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Fire and Ice sync with Helloweens - Keeper of the seven keys (1987) -
Starting at minute 2:15 of the movie looping the album through the whole movie.

I really liked the Fire and Ice movie (1983) created by Richard Bakshi and Frank Frazetta. The animation is cool, but I thought there was something missing, Frazettas drawing style is just amazing, Princess Teegra is , but still Fire and Ice didnt make too much sense, So I started watching it as a muted video and sync with music, the band I used is Helloween (because of the theme and the pacing).

Since Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon with the Wizard of Oz, and Pink Floyds Echoes and 2001: A Space Odyssey havent seen any sync with many coincidences, the matrix sync wasnt even close. In this movie I find many coincidences but also its way more entertaining ( Specially if you are a Helloween fan). The best part is the ending (Pt 7 and Pt 8) but youll find many coincidences through the whole movie.

I also did the same with Manowar songs as my starting project.
Because of Warner copyright BS, I cant upload them on you tube.
You can watch the whole movie in Zappinternet under fire and ice manowar sync

ALBUM used:
Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt1 (1989)
"Initiation" (Hansen) 1:21
"I'm Alive" (Hansen) 3:23
"A Little Time" (Kiske) 3:59
"Twilight of the Gods" (Hansen)* 4:29
"A Tale That Wasn't Right" (Weikath) 4:42
"Future World" (Hansen) 4:02
"Halloween" (Hansen) 13:18
"Follow the Sign" (Hansen/Weikath) 1:46

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