My Top 15 Voices to Anastasia+Comments

By: TheSchwerelos


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Just a new top :) I thought it would last longer, but well, I tried to choose short extracts to avoid copyrights ^^ 15 : A beautiful and fitting voice, but too casual to me 14 : Very sweet voice 13 : I totaly see Anastasia sing with this voice ! 12 : Maybe a too old voice, but very beautiful in my opinion 11 : (sorry I didn't get any clip from Journey to the past) : I love her singing, and her vibrato 10 : She's full of energy and refreshing, though unfitting 9 : Well, Anastasia's language :) She's sometimes a bit harsh, but still amazing 8 : I love her way of singing, but there's something a bit annoying sometimes that's why she's not higher 7 : I love her voice, she's so powerful and passionate ! The only problem is that she's sometimes too powerful and it's annoying ^^ 6 : She sounds so magical ! I think she's the best singer of this language :) 5 : Childhood version, I love her voice, both energic and passionate 4 : She did a great job, because I didn't recognize her from Pocahontas ^^ Well, I love her voice and her interpretation, she's an amazing singer 3 : I couldn't put the part I love her the most, it's just before this extract, when she says "para mi", gosh, I have chills everytime ! 2 : Such a beautiful and poetic interpretation ! Her voice is so... perfect ! 1 : Well, she's perfect concerning all aspects : powerful, full of emotions, fitting, poetic... SHe sounds like coming from a fairytale ! I love her !
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