Y Tu Mama Tambien Vs Jesse McCartney

By: steph940


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I made this video to show how director Marc Webb and Jesse McCartney blatantly ripped of the awesome movie Y Tu Mama Tambien ( And Your Mother Too) with his music video Beautiful Soul.

In both the movie and music video a group of friends pick up a woman and head of on a road trip in similar cars and wearing cowboy hats and bandanas.

They also both go shopping for snacks and muck around, as well as playing a prank on their friend by driving off on him whilst he is outside the car.

In both the woman looks through trinkets an old lady is selling and chooses one which the old lady gives to her.

Also in both the car breaks down but they are towed into town by a tractor.

Then in both they are overtaken by a newly married couple in a volkswagon.

Also then in both they go swimming in a pool full of leaves, before eventually making it to the beach which is the end of their road trip.

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