Melissa's Ebony Size 10 Feet - PART 1

By: stangxfeet


Uploaded on October 24, 2009 by stangxfeet Powered by YouTube

Met this really cool girl randomly at a park that I hang out at sometimes during lunch break while at work, as I was enjoying some quite time and trying to "decompress" from a crazy morning at the office I heard her talking on her cell to a freind and just by her conversation I could tell she was pretty cool and probably open minded enough to let me film her feet, when I asked she couldnt get her feet up on that table fast enough, she loved the attention, myself i well I didnt think her feet looked that great, but as nice as she was there was no way I could let her go, and as you will see she has no problem pointing out the fact that she needs a pedicure pretty bad...all in all she was alot of when i started filming i thought it would bve one of my typical 2 to 3 minute vids but I couldnt get her and her feet away from the camera, actually had to film her in three segments as to not make them to long for uploading to keep your eyes on my channel parts 2 & 3 to be posted soon

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