EVANESCENCE (Amy Lee & SETHER) - BROKEN - (English - Español - Lyrics - Subs)

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DUO GROUP: Seether (South Africa) & Amy Lee (Evanescence - EEUU) SINGERS: Amy Lee & Shaun Morgan SONG: Brok...
DUO GROUP: Seether (South Africa) & Amy Lee (Evanescence - EEUU) SINGERS: Amy Lee & Shaun Morgan SONG: Broken (2002) ENGLISH - ENGLISH - ENGLISH Seether is a South-African post-grunge/alternative metal band from Pretoria, South Africa, formed in 1999. The band is currently signed to Wind-up Records. Originally named Saron Gas and signed to Musketeer Records in South Africa, they changed their name in 2002, coinciding with the release of their second album and major label debut, Disclaimer. To date they have sold 5 million albums worldwide. After Disclaimer was released, the band went on a non-stop touring route in hopes of boosting sales and name recognition. Upon completing the tour, the band had planned to go into the studio and record their second release. However, they were instead tapped to support Evanescence on a worldwide tour that postponed their recording plans by almost a year. On this tour, the band reworked the acoustic ballad "Broken" into an electric ballad and had Amy Lee of Evanescence share vocal duties with Morgan during live performances. Inspired by the positive reaction the duet got on the road and perhaps fueled by a budding romance between Lee and Morgan, the band headed into the studio and quickly recorded an alternate version of "Broken" with Amy Lee on vocals. The song, along with a new song titled "Sold Me", was featured on the soundtrack for the 2004 film The Punisher and was massively successful, bringing the band fame in the US, the UK and Australia in particular. Morgan has stated that the hit song relates an incident where the band was subjected to what the record company wanted rather than what the band wanted. Disclaimer II, an alternate version of the original album with many of the songs remixed or re-recorded as well as eight extra tracks, was released in late 2004. ESPAÑOL - ESPAÑOL - ESPAÑOL Seether es una banda de Post Grunge de origen sudafricano, aunque asentados en los EEUU. Llamada originalmente Saron Gas (un juego de palabras entre un arma llamada "gas sarín", empleada en la guerra de Corea, y "Saron" una antigua mujer en la vida del frontman del grupo). En su noviazgo con la cantante de Evanescence Amy Lee, el cantante y líder Shaun Morgan se vio impulsado por su discográfica a re-editar Disclaimer con canciones nuevas mas la versión de "Broken" con la propia Amy Lee. "Broken" con Amy Lee fue un éxito impresionante, incluso en Europa, debido a que forma parte de la banda sonora de "The Punisher". Surge "Disclaimer II", primer disco que llega a Europa. Se acusa a la banda de ser la típica banda fugaz de un éxito por esta canción. Saron Gas empezaron en Pretoria haciendo sus primeras actuaciones en fiestas, clubes nocturnos, conciertos de pequeña escala, exhibiciones en universidades, como la University of Cape Town, y la University of Stellenbosch, en el verano del 2001.