1944 WWII M1 Garand (M1-E8) Sniper Rifle at 420 Yards

By: mag30th


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I love the restoration of the greatest rifle ever manufactured, the M1 Garand. This is one of my babies; this is my fully restored WWII era M1-E8 Garand sniper rifle. (M81 2.5x scope on a Springfield Armory mount, with cross-hairs. Standardized for snipers in September 1944) Everything on this rifle is authentic with the exception of the check piece and sling, which are reproductions. The M1E8 was designated the M1D and adopted as a "substitute standard" in September 1944. Virtually no M1Ds were produced during W.W.II. Since all M1Ds (with the exception of the tool room models) fall into the category of "rebuilds" there is no serial number range generally associated with this version of the M1 sniper rifle.

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