The Sims 2: Building A Home V6

By: chrispycrunchy86


Uploaded on March 28, 2007 by chrispycrunchy86 Powered by YouTube

This is my favorite part of the game; I love to see what kind of different elements I can bring into the architecture of the house. The whole idea of a glass house inspired me to come up with this beauty of a home, this has to be my favorite so far... what do you think? It's ready to download and furnish, have fun!

Peace... Hope you enjoy the vid!!!

Follow the link to download the lot:

The link isn't working, maxis deleted it.
I'll try and get it back up when I can...

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"Tennessee Slim Is The Bomb"


The Sims 2: Building A Home
Thanx 2 Maxis & EA Games!!!

Who else plays the sims 2???

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but it's better than booze.


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