Halloween Easy Mermaid Make-up (3 Different Versions!)

By: ThePeachesBeauty


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Hi Beautiful Babies~ Here we have 3 different mermaid looks perfect for Halloween- blue, purple and green. We used a make-up palette Lauren got from Walmart at Christmas, but any drug store make-up will work. The songs we used were Sparkly by Young Magic, Curse of the Black Pearl from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, and You'll Find a Way by Santigold. We don't own any of them! Before any hate comments are posted, Lauren recently had a severe allergic reaction on her face (she has an epi-pen, its all good) but it left her face, nose and lips blistered. She did a pretty good job of covering it up though! Put in the comments suggestions on what you want to see next! We can do anything you want (hair, makeup, nails etc.) beauty related, but if you want to see anything else, please send your ideas to our other account thepandapeaches. We especially love doing horror makeup! Like, Comment and Subscribe! xoxo The Panda Peaches Caroline, Stephanie and Lauren. P.S, feel free to ask personal questions and stay tuned for more!
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