Jaejoong Tribute2- Tongues, Sexy Body and Food!

By: xericaxchn2


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This is my second attempt at video making for a jaejoong tribute, this time it has three themes to it

we all know that jaejoong loves sticking his tongue out either for fan service or just a habit, so i collected pics of this moment and omg! his tongue is so sexy haha!

next is his sexy body...just wait till u see it urself!

finally we get to see his love for food and some of his cookin skills!

song:ride on (DBSK)

Oh yes since most of u r askin for the pics, i got them off facebook by joinin the group called "hero kim jaejoong" (or somethin like that)

for ppl hu dnt hav facebook heres a link to lots of jj pics (but i wont guarantee u findin all the pics frm my video)

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