UK ITV Advertisements (LWT Region)- August 31st 1986 Part 1

By: JayFirestorm


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I am gradually sorting through some of my ancient video tapes to log what is on them, and capturing some vintage clips whilst I do so.

Here is the second advert break shown during a broadcast of the James Bond 007 film 'For Your Eyes Only' (1981), recorded on Sunday 31st Auguest 1986.

Adverts include:
* Heineken lager (with those bin stomping people thingies, which were everywhere for a while. In the 1990s 'Blue Peter' even had a (terrible) theme in such style!)
* Irn Bru
* L'oreal Studio Line
* The Star bingo game
* Skips crisps
* Amerian Express (featuring Richard 'Virgin' Branson)

I've also uploaded the other advertisement breaks from the recording.
I am still going through all of my old tapes and uploading various clips, so check back regularly!

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