Fred Figglehorn Wants Christmas Cash And Everyone Hates Him. Plus A Shout-Out To, MrChiCity3

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*******www.theawesomearchfiend****/ ChiCity's video: ***********/watch?v=V0bGs-hhenI&featur...
*******www.theawesomearchfiend****/ ChiCity's video: ***********/watch?v=V0bGs-hhenI&feature=video_response Fred Figglehorn made some music video and a bunch songs that you can download on Itunes. Everyone hated them it seems. What a surprise. First t-shirts and now this. But is it really worth getting in a fuss over people? Anyway, everyone calm down about, Fred. Oh and much love to MrChiCity3 (no homo) for making that epic "YouTube Exposed" video and putting Shane Emo-Twit Dawson in his place amongst other things. Holla (in a Caucasian voice)