You&Me Ep. 77 [18+]

By: Juliet Frecten


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POV-Dianna It was now Friday. I was all packed up and ready to go. I was more than excited to be going on vacation with Jen and Cher. It's just what I needed. Cher texted me saying her and Jen were on their way up to my hotel room. I liked living in the hotel, I wasn't laughing as much. But it was peaceful. And I haven't had peaceful in a while. Cher and Jen walked in. Jen screamed "YOU EXCITED?!" So much for peaceful. "Damn straight!" I replied. Cher just giggled. Cher was wearing: With her hair like: "Why aren't you dressed?" She asked. "I'm not sure what to wear! It's not like; we're just going on a plan...we're going to be walking around LA right after we get out the plane! I want to look nice...maybe make Niall a little jealous!" I started off talking loudly, and then finished in a whisper. "Girl, you need to get the hell over him!" Jen shouted. I laughed. Jen was wearing: With her hair like: "I am!" I lied. "Then why are you concerned about making him jealous?" She asked. "Because I want him to be like 'oh damn. Look at what I missed out on' you know?" I said. "OH! I get it...! Now get your skinny ass in some clothing." Jen shouted. I laughed. I finally decided on wearing this: With my hair and make up like this: "Dianna! You look beautiful!" Cher exclaimed. "DAMN GIRL. YOU LOOKIN' FLY!" Jen shouted. I love my friends. ~~ We walked into the airport. Cher got a text from Harry. "Now, I know CA is filled with sexy boys...but remember I'm here too ;)" She replied by saying: "Like, you'll let me forget that! Ha-ha!" They were so cute. Jen jumped up and started singing and dancing "All the single ladies all the single ladies now put your hands UP!" Cher and I stared at each other and grinned. We finally sat down and waited at the gate. We all ordered Starbucks coffee. We sipped on the coffee. It was a gloomy day out. It was drizzly and grey. We were praying our flight wouldn't be cancelled. We finally boarded the plane. We boarded the plane and it was honestly so scary. The plane ride was awful. We were caught in a thunderstorm so it was crazy. When we finally landed Jen fell on the ground and kissed it and screamed: "LAND!" Cher and I giggled. We got to the hotel it was beautiful. The weather was already so much better than Florida. It was about 75 degrees out and man, was it sunny. We unpacked everything and it was around 6:00PM. We decided to order room service food. We all ate our meals, and then we decided this was a vacation and we needed to make the best out of it. "Let's go to a club!" I said. "YES!" Jen shouted. "I don't know..." Cher wondered. "C'mon Cher! It will be fun!" I insisted. "Oh fine!" We all got jazzed up to go to a fancy nightclub. Dianna: Hair/Makeup: Cher: Hair/Makeup: Jennifer: Hair/Makeup: We looked at each other and laughed. We all looked fabulous. And I was feeling especially confident in myself. We took a cab to the nightclub. The nightclub was extraordinary. "Woah." I said. "Holy moley..." Cher piped. "Holy fuck!" Jen screamed. We all walked in. Music was playing ridiculously loud. "Wild Ones" --Flo Rida Ft. Sia was playing. It only took me a few moments to get used to the music. But eventually I did. We all walked over to the bar. I saw this girl. She had big brown eyes and long brown hair that draped over her shoulders. The lights reflected off of her hair beautifully. I introduced myself and started talking to her. Her name was Amy. She was a complete sweetheart. And really funny. I knew exactly at that moment she'd be perfect for Zayn.
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